My teacher and auntie told me that I will never make it in life – Man reminisces and shares photos of his lavish house and car.


A middle-aged man has inspired Netizens after he shared his success story on Twitter.

He said that when he was growing up, his teacher told him in front of other students that he will never make it in life.

Two days later, his mother died and he went to live with his aunt.

Instead of his aunt encouraging him following the death of his mother, she scorned him and told him that he will never amount to anything in life.

However, the unkind words from his teacher and auntie did not kill his spirit.

He would study hard day and night to have a better life and now, he is reaping the fruits of his hard work.

The successful young man took to social media and shared photos of his lavish mansion and car.

“My lowest moment was, when my class teacher told me I will never make it in front of the classroom, two days later my mum pass on, then went to stay with my aunt and she told me the same I will never make it even if I study day n night, It was me against the world, here I am now,” he wrote on Twitter.

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