Mzee Moi loved meat, sacrament wine from Israel – Dr Silverstein


Mzee Daniel Moi enjoyed meat and wine from Israel, his personal doctor David Silverstein has narrated.

“We had a 42-year doctor-patient relationship with Mzee Moi, yes, he loved his meat and special sacramental wine from Israel – dawa ya wazee ,” Silverstein said.

Silverstein who was eulogising the late confirmed what Gideon Moi (Baringo senator) said during Moi’s memorial service in Nyayo on Tuesday.

He added that he had an opportunity to travel across the world and was cautious with Mzee Moi’s diet.

“Among my other professional duties, I was to make sure we were not eating exotic animals just as cats, snakes, nor drinking buffalos milk when we were in China,” Silverstein added.

Noting that Mzee Moi was a devoted Christian who feared God, Silverstein said Moi preferred Israel as a good place for his treatment.

“When he began having difficulty walking two years ago, he jumped at the idea of further investigations at Isreal,” Silverstein said.

On Tuesday, Gideon revealed on Tuesday that Moi loved eating roasted meat – especially ribs, contrary to a long-held belief that he had a strict vegetarian diet.

“He loved nyama choma, at times ignoring doctor’s advice whenever we reminded him of the same. Nothing came between him and meat,” Gideon said.

The Baringo Senator told mourners of how his father had an elephantine memory and one who taught them to ‘be tough but keep a soft heart’.


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