Nairobi Governor ANNE KANANU sets the record straight on why she frequents bars and nightclubs.


Nairobi Governor, Anne Kananu, has dismissed claims that she is a drunkard.

Last week, two members of the county assembly accused the Nairobi Governor of neglecting Nairobians and being incompetent.

Waithaka MCA Anthony Kiragu and his counterpart from Utalii Wilson alleged that Kananu spends most of her time in bars and nightclubs but not in the office to help the people of Nairobi.

But in an interview with one of the local dailies, Kananu defended herself, saying that apart from being the Governor, she was a businesswoman and had invested in several nightclubs.

“I own several businesses, including nightclubs in Nairobi and other counties. And as a director of various nightclubs, I have a right to visit my business premises and know how they are being managed. 

“Does that make me a drunkard?” she posed.

Kananu added that she is in control and fully committed to serving Nairobians at the county level.

“As a Governor, you work beyond the required time and some of my meetings I hold in my business premises. 

“This does not mean I’m a drunkard… I chair my weekly cabinet meetings and attend events and meetings where I’m needed,” she said.


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