Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko spotted in outlandish ‘coronavirus safety gear’

Governor Mike Sonko choose a rather peculiar contraption while addressing members of the press on his governments efforts of fumighating the Central Business District.

The appearance of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in what looked like a virtual reality headset has left tongues wagging.

Although he did not rock a Hazmat suit like Russia’s Vladmir Putin, Sonko looked like a character straight out of the Star Wars sequel.

On his mouth and nose was a surgical mask to complement his “futuristic-looking” visor.

The embattled governor was also decked in a jungle-green Adidas athleisure track suit.

He was speaking to journalists about health officials who were fumigating the streets of Nairobi.

A spot check online reveals that the governor, known for his sometimes outlandish fashion taste, had worn VR goggles.

Prices can vary from Ksh.3000 up to Ksh.70,000 depending on quality or specification.

The reality on the ground is that the visor has not been recommended by doctors or professionals in the fight against the pandemic.

However, it achieved the desired dramatic effect with Kenyans in their droves camping on Sonko’s Facebook live video.

During the address, the governor told Nairobi residents that his government has intensified efforts of fumigating all the open spaces across the city.

At the same time, Sonko asked Kenyans to follow the directives from the Ministry of Health as it is the only way the pandemic can be contained.


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