Ngilu to Ruto: Stop hoodwinking Kenyans and step aside for investigations

Deputy President William Ruto

Kitui governor Charity Ngilu has asked Deputy President William Ruto to stop deceiving Kenyans through his social media platforms and step aside.

Ngilu said the Deputy President should give the investigating team humble time regarding the firearms fraud deal amounting to Sh39.5 billion.

“The Deputy President should stop hoodwinking Kenyans through tweets and do the honorable thing, STEP ASIDE and let investigations be conducted in an impartial environment,” Ngilu said.

The governor said that she has been shocked by the fraudulent deals taking place at DP’s office.

“I am shocked by the revelations that seemingly fraudulent activities of high magnitude can be hatched and planned in the office of the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya,” Ngilu said.

She added that DP’s office is part of the Presidency that has been entrusted by all Kenyans with high responsibilities, hence the holder should be beyond reproach.

“It’s disheartening to learn that this trust has seemingly been broken by the Deputy President who has clearly breached the security of the country by engaging in fake arms deals,” Ngilu said.

Her remarks come after Ruto dismissed the attempt to link him with the investigation focusing on former Sports CS Rashid Echesa who is in police remand.

Echesa, a close allie to Ruto was arraigned on Friday at the JKIA court where he was remanded until Monday to allow police to search his house.

He was arrested on Thursday alongside three others linked to the fake deal.

In his ruling on Friday, JKIA court Chief Magistrate Lucas Onyina said Echesa will be remanded until Monday and directed police to conduct a search at all their premises before 6pm.

Ruto had said that the plot is sponsored by his political competitors who he said are on their choreographed smear campaign to tarnish his name.

Answering the DP, Ngilu said that the deal has caused shame to not only the presidency but has also caused ridicule to the country.

She added that this is not the first time that the name of the Deputy President is being linked to fraudulent activities.

Ngilu said that in 2018, Stephen Ngei Musyoka who is a proprietor of Makindu Motors became a victim over such schemes at DP’s office.

She said Ngei supplied 2,800 laptops amounting to Sh200 million in a deal operated by conmen at DP’s office.

She said the victim has not been paid to date.


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