Night drama as students at Katse Girls in Kitui flee from school at midnight after seeing ‘white people’ dancing inside the dormitory


Katse Girls Secondary School in Kitui has been closed indefinitely after students fled at night after they saw ‘white people’ dancing inside the dormitory.

According to a police report, the students fled and hid in a nearby primary school, following the incident.

The school principal was informed of the incident by a parent whose daughter arrived home at 4 am.

 “The principal and the watchman went to Form Three and Fours dormitory to find out what had happened only to find that they were all not in the dormitory,” the report read in part.

The principal reported the matter at a nearby police station and when police visited the school, they established that 46 students were missing.

A student who was interrogated told the principal and officers that they all woke up at midnight and fled after they spotted white people dancing in the dormitory.

A meeting by the Board of Management was later held where it was agreed that the school is closed.

The school will be opened on November 23 after the matter is investigated.


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