Nisaideni sina kakitu – The man in the trending ‘Nitakufinya Video’ begs for financial help from well-wishers.


The Nitakufinya slogan has taken the internet by storm after an old clip of a Boda Boda rider threatening a young man who was being interviewed by K24 TV concerning illegal power connections in Nairobi’s Mukuru Slums went viral.

The trending man, who has since been identified as Asiiba Matende, emerged from the blues and warned a middle-aged man called Musyoka to mind his business after he started spilling the beans on illegal power connections in the famous slum.

Asiongee mambo ya stima, aongee mambo ingine. Mambo ya stima wachia watu wa stima waongee. Ongea unataka serikali ikupee kazi,” Asiiba is heard telling Musyoka in the viral clip and Musyoka responds saying, “Mimi niko na kazi’’.

Asiiba then walked away saying, “Nitakufinya” – a slogan that has become famous on social media.

Asiiba spoke in an interview with local media and said that he was surprised to see the video trending since it was taken in 2011.

However, he said he is still broke despite turning into an overnight celebrity.

He pleaded with well-wishers to help him with financial donations so that he can uplift his life.

“Natrend na sina kakitu bwana” (I am trending but I have nothing in my pocket,” he cried out.

Asiiba further added that the man he was threatening is a close friend.

They still live in Mukuru slums where the video was shot almost 10 years ago.

He disclosed that he got angry since Musyoka was lying to the media.

He was not electrocuted as he claimed in the video.

“I know him. He is my good friend, only that I was not happy about what he was telling the media that day. 

Musyoka got injured while working in a certain company in Industrial Area. He was lying that he was electrocuted. That is why I intervened,” he said.


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