Obinna’s real name has been revealed


Well, well, well… the cat is finally out of the bag.

I know I’m not the only one who’s been madly curious about learning Oga Obinna’s real name.

It’s second to Coca Cola’s formula on the best-kept secrets in the universe.

I mean, Obinna took his stage name and ran with it. He introduces himself as Oga Obinna or just Obinna everywhere he goes. It’s in all his socials and everyone accepted it.

I actually remember the disappointment and anger people felt on learning he isn’t actually Nigerian.

Brace yourselves people because his name is about to shock you even further.

Radio duo, Chito and Cyd revealed that they got a work email that really had them confused.

They knew all the other colleagues who’d been listed there by name apart from one peculiar one that had their heads turning.

According to the duo, it took them a minute to realize that ‘Steve Thompson’ was actually the one and only Oga Obinna.

How does the guy have two English names?

The name doesn’t even look like him.

But considering this was revealed during their show on 1st April, it might actually be a prank.


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