ODM Responds To The Viral Remarks By Junnet On Neglecting Mt. Kenya People Once Raila Is Elected


The Orange Democratic Movement party ODM has made a swift response to the initial utterance by Suna East Member of Parliament Junnet Mohammed claiming that if Raila becomes the Kenyan president Kikuyus will be visitors in Kisumu issuing fresh details of the remarks.

Earlier on, Junnet Mohammed, while making his remarks before Raila and the Health cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe, said if Raila will be elected as the next president after Uhuru Kenyatta, Kikuyus will become visitors in Kisumu.

However, the Orange Democratic Movement through the party’s Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna has responded to claims saying Raila’s government will belong to all Kenyans.

According to the party’s Secretary General, the viral remarks by Junnet Mohammed were just but jokes telling Kenyans to understand the jokes.

Sifuna further in his remarks told Kenyans that Hon.Junnet Mohammed was just joking and he knows well that Raila’s government will belong to all Kenyans including the Kikuyus.

Sifuna said, “Yani Hamjui jokes? Junnet anajua serikali ya Baba ni ya Wakenya wote. Sisi sote tutakua ndani!”

However, Junnet Mohammed was campaigning for Raila Odinga while rallying youths to be registered ahead of the 2022 general election in a bid to boost Raila’s votes.

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