Ogopa Wanaume! Actress BRENDA WAIRIMU reveals how she learned her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her – Was it JULIANI?


Netizens have been sharing their heartbreak stories on Twitter and from the confessions, dating is not for the faint-hearted.

Sexy and talented actress, Brenda Wairimu, was among those who opened up on how she was once heartbroken.

The sassy lass revealed that she found out she was being cheated on after her boyfriend ordered pizza but it was delivered to the side-chick’s house instead.

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While she didn’t name the guy, netizens are speculating that it could be rapper Juliani.

Brenda and Juliani broke up in 2019 after dating for over seven years and were blessed with an adorable baby girl called Amor.

At some point, the veteran rapper proposed to her and she said ‘yes’ but they would later call it quits in a shocking turn of events.

Although they are co-parenting and seem to be on good terms, Brenda revealed in a past interview that her relationship with Juliani took a toll on her and that is why she’s gaining weight after the break-up.

“When you are in a relationship, this person affects you more than any other person can. Since I have been by myself I have not felt lonely.”

“I have not felt the need to go out there and find someone. I was in a long relationship and I gave it a lot so I guess I’m gaining that pole pole,” Brenda stated.

She also confessed that she made the first move on all the guys she has dated.

“All the people I have dated I made the first move.

“But I’m not dating anytime soon. I can’t do it,” she added.


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