Opinion: Farmaajo Term Extension Is a Spark To Ignite Clashes and Chaos In Somalia.


Somalia suffered 21 years of terror under Dictator Siad Barre and another 30 years after the fall of Barre terror regime.

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Somalia lower parliament

Since independence Somalia has enjoyed peace for less than 9 years. Many are wondering what would happen next after the parliament of Somalia unconstitutionally extended the mandate for themselves and the executive for two more years. What are the long term consequences of grabbing power forcefully while neglecting stakeholders?

It’s not a surprise or secret the outcome of the parliament from anyone who is involved in Somali politics.

Mr. Farmajo developed dictatorial tendencies at the outset of his administration by taking a series of actions. First, he unlawfully changed the speaker of the parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari by bribing the parliament of Somalia and replaced him with Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman. When Speaker Mursal attempted to resist orders from Villa Somalia, he was deprived of basic utilities such as electricity and water, stripped him of security guards, and expelled from his dwellings in Villa Somalia. The services were returned to him after agreeing to work with the president.

Second, the President turned to eliminate his foes at regional states. He replaced Sharif Ahmed of South West Somalia with Lafta Gareen, Hassan Haaf of Galmudug with Qor Qor, and Mohamed Abdi Waare of Hirshabelle with Ali Abdullahi Hussein. In some instances a blood was shed and innocent lives were lost because of the President’s actions.

However, he was unable to bring change in Puntland and Jubaland Federal States. Today’s action is the last of those series of actions to consolidate power and suspend the law as was the case in 1969.

Similar to Farmajo, Siad Barre aroused the nationalistic sentiments of the Somali people and concentrated on foreign countries like Kenya and Ethiopia. He disguised as a nationalist who is working hard in all Somali territories and nation building. It turned out to be false and left behind a ruined country.

Farmajo is playing the same tactics by concentrating on the International community and foreign interference to draw support from the people. He is forgetting or pretending to not know that his security, and budget are at the hands of the international community and if AMISOM troops are to withdraw today, he will have no country to rule.


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