Parliament adjourns for one month as PCEA, All Saints Cathedral suspend church services


The two chambers of parliament have adjourned for a month, even as the PCEA and All Saints Cathedral Anglican churches suspended Sunday services until further notice, to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

So far 184,976 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in 159 countries across the world and 7,529 deaths.

And with public gatherings outlawed by the government, and essential services in public agencies, such as courts, immigration, police stations and land registries downscaled or closed down all together, churches are also reviewing their operations.

The Presbyterian church (PCEA) has announced to its 4.5 million members suspension of Sunday services and gatherings, but allowed individuals to access places of worship for private prayers.

The church is however urging the government to consider suspension of all loan repayment and interests through financial institutions and provide necessary utilities such as water and electricity without charges.

To further cushion the masses, PCEA is asking the government to lift taxation on essential commodities such as food and sanitary item.

All Saints Cathedral Anglican Church has also suspended all Sunday church services and cancelled meetings that were to be held at the premises from Wednesday.

According to Provost Canon Sammy Wainaina, the church will remain open for individual prayers. Couples that had scheduled weddings at the church in the next four weeks have been advised to cancel them.

Weddings conducted in exceptional circumstances permitted by the provost, will only be attended by not more than 10 people and last 30 minutes at most.

At the same time, the National Assembly and Senate have in the meantime adjourned for a month, with lawmakers in the national assembly calling for tighter guidelines to tame the spread of coronavirus.

The Senate is asking the government to protect citizens from greedy business people who were out to make a kill.


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