PASTOR KIENGEI was reportedly spotted sneaking into a married woman’s house on Thursday to chew ‘goodies’ while hiding his face with a Marvin – Details emerge.


Controversial AIPCA pastor Ben alias Kiengei, has been exposed by Facebook whistleblower Kamau Watoria for allegedly engaging in extra-marital affairs.

According to Kamau, Kiengei was on Thursday spotted sneaking into a married woman’s house while hiding his face with a Marvin.

It was in broad daylight and the woman’s husband had probably gone to work.

‘’Even if you tried to hide your face with a Marvin, people saw you. God will soon shame you in broad daylight,’’ Kamau warned Pastor Kiengei.

Kiengei is not strange to controversies.

He is reportedly a notorious womanizer.

His first wife Keziah divorced him over infidelity.

He went ahead and married his former sidechick.

Not long ago, Kiengei was the talk of social media after he was accused of doing a cover-up after his pastor friend Samuel Kimani alias Muthungu died.

Muthungu reportedly died due to the injuries he sustained after he was caught with a married woman at an Airbnb along Kenyatta Road.

Kiengei allegedly did a cover-up on Muthungu’s death by alleging that he died in a road accident.


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