Pewa mimba yako uachane na za wengine – GUARDIAN ANGEL’s savage response to a lady who questioned whether his Kamba wife has hit menopause.


Guardian Angel’s relationship with Esther Nthenya has always been a subject of discussion on social media because of their huge age difference.

While Esther is 51-year-old, Guardian is just 31, almost the same age as her firstborn son.

The singer shared a post on his Instagram page to promote his wife’s Youtube channel and accompanied the post with some romantic photos.

A nosy lady commented on the post and attempted to troll Guardian Angel’s wife.

She asked Guardian whether Esther can give birth at her age and the singer had no chills while responding to the question.

He told the lady to mind her business and stop poking her nose into other people’s business.

“Pewa mimba yako uachane na za wengine,” he responded as seen in the screenshot below.

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