PHOTO: Police constable EDITH NYAWIRA blows up her head in Kiambu – This is what she left behind after ending her own life.

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A police officer attached to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit in Kiambu lost her life after blowing up her head in a suicide mission.

The deceased cop, identified as Edith Nyawira, absconded duty and used a scorpion rifle that had been issued to her to cut short her precious life on Tuesday at about midday.

She was supposed to be on guard at a local bank.

According to those who witnessed the incident, the depressed cop shot herself in the mouth and the bullet exited in the back of her head.

Detectives who visited the scene of the incident recovered three spent cartridges.

They also recovered two suicide notes addressed to the police woman’s sister and boyfriend.

However, the notes were not made public.

This is the latest case of suicide in the police service.

At least a case is reported weekly, officials said.

Below is a photo of the deceased cop.

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