PHOTOs of Mandera Governor ALI ROBA’s official residence – He lives like a king while some of his constituents starve to death.


Photos of the official residence of Mandera Governor Ali Roba have caused a stir on social media after they surfaced online.

The corrupt Governor lives like a king in a two-storey castle-like home while some of his constituents are wallowing in abject poverty and starving to death.

Netizens argue that the county had misplaced priorities by building the palatial residence instead of channeling the money to development projects.

Cyprian Nyakundi led Kenyans on Twitter in castigating the Governor for using public funds to live a flamboyant lifestyle, instead of serving his people.

“Mandera Governor Residence. The same Governor was in Statehouse & GoK offices begging for drought relief money. 

 ASAL counties received 1 Trillion between 2013-2020 in Devolution funds. They didn’t invest in food security, only buildings & flats in Eastleigh & Kileleshwa,” Nyakundi wrote.

Star journalist Oliver Mathenge also commented on the viral photos saying “Devolution worked on buildings but couldn’t work on how to deal with drought and famine,”

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