PHOTOs of the customized guzzler that London Distillers CEO Mohan Galot drives – Money is good.


Asian tycoon and founder of London Distillers, Mohan Galot, runs a multi-billion business empire that enables him to live a flamboyant lifestyle.

The 76-year-old billionaire drives a customized Mercedes Benz S63 AMG that costs an arm and a leg.

His name is splashed on the car’s number plate and every time he drives around town, his presence is felt by other motorists.

Galot’s London Distillers Company manufactures popular alcoholic brands such as Napoleone Brand Whisky, Meakins Orange Vodka, Meakins Tripple Distilled Vodka, Kahawa Africa Gold, Napoleone Gold Brandy, Kenya King, White Pearl, Safari Cane, Safari Whisky and Safari Dry Gin, among others.

He has also invested in real estate.

Here are photos of his flashy guzzler.

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