Physics Teacher at Pioneer School in Muranga Smokes Live During Virtual Class


Parents of form two students at Pioneer School located in Muranga are up in arms after one of the teachers, Mr Peter Gitonga, decided what appeared to be bhang while hosting a virtual classroom this morning.

According to a section of parents and at least two teachers speaking on condition of anonymity, the teacher who is a recognised smoker displayed the act in front of kids, leading to the students recording him and sharing their experience with parents and a section of the school community.

The act has forced the Principal to assure parents that they are investigating the teacher and will instantly discipline him but many are asking how he could even think of doing that.

Pioneer School is part of the Pioneer Group of schools and colleges owned by one of the founders of Equity Bank, Peter Munga. The school is known to attract parents from middle and upper-income segments of the economy.

While virtual classes have continued for parents and schools that have the resources, it has remained a contentious delivery method as many classes have been hijacked by hackers or inappropriate contents shared during such live sessions.

Ministry of Education in the country has not delivered a clear guideline on how to host, protect and deliver virtual classrooms. It’s now left to parents and schools to do it their way.

While some schools use Google Classroom, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team, Webex etc, others have resorted to buying proprietary platforms so as to have full control.


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