Plane Crashes in Nyeri County


Residents of Kigwandi village in Nyeri County last night, Saturday, were treated to a shocking incident after a light aircraft crash landed in their village.

The light aircraft registration number 5Y-TAH crashed at one of the farms in Nyeri. According to reports, the plane developed mechanical problems while on air forcing the pilot to initiate an emergency landing hence crash landing.

The pilot managed to bring the plane to a stop successfully. No casualties were reported from the incident with the pilot unharmed. The plane at the moment was only having the pilot onboard.

The accident may have been cause by bad weather and some mechanical problems with the plane. The plane was heading to Mweiga from Timau and the pilot was visiting a friend.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, this type of plane crash is known as “controlled flight into terrain” (CFIT). This refers to aircraft that were piloted into the ground, water, mountains or other terrains.


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