Police Arrest A Robber Behind A Bodaboda Operator’s Murder


A murder suspect believed to have killed Tom Mboya Ayoo, a 51-year-old bodaboda operator in a violent robbery that occurred two days ago within Kisumu’s Kasagam area was arrested yesterday.

Last weekend, Gita police post received a report of a male body dumped at a cassava plantation in Guba area, having deep cuts on the head and whose motorcycle-KMFJ 763Z-was also missing and suspected to have been stolen by his assailants.

Yesterday, DCI officer from Kondele launched a hunt for the perpetrators, whom they suspected to have escaped to Koyonzo area.

The investigation was eased when detectives learnt that the missing bike had been fixed with a tracking device.

The DCI officers established further that the gadget had been disabled within Namalasire village in Mumias East.

Led by the deputy in-charge DCI Kondele, the investigating team initiated a door to door search in the village, bumping into the bike together with a bloodstained iron bar & a sharp at a house under construction.

A joint operation with the area administration saw the suspect; Fredrick Kivaji Musavakhwa alias Asman arrested in a matatu he was using to escape in Township.

The suspect is being processed for arraignment with further investigations ongoing


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