Police boss washed with a bucket of water by Boni Khalwale


Police officers disrupted a meeting between Khalwale, Mumias East MP Ben Washiali, Matungu MP Justus Marunga, and other politicians.

They had convened at the home of Hamisi MP Charles Gimose where police hurled teargas to disperse them. 

In the video that surfaced online, Khalwale can be seen holding a bucket full of water while police officers try to capture him. 

The clip shows the former senator walking away as the officers, led by Hamisi OCPD Johana Chebii, follow him closely. 

After a few steps, he turned and threw the bucket of water towards the police boss and ran away.

According to another video shared by the politician, the officers seemed to have let him go as he can be seen tending to his garden at home. 

He asserted that security officials could not deter their plans saying, “Tear gas or no tear gas, we shall not relent.”

Khalwale has had pas run-ins with the law and many have been as dramatic as the most recent one. 

Boni Khalwale the bullfighter: Reformist or just a rebel without a ...
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On the day of the Kibra by-election on November 7, he was seen carrying stones in his hand  as rowdy youth engaged in running battles with the police.

On June 7, he was forced to dash into a maize plantation after officers disrupted a meeting he had convened to avoid arrest. 

The police officers did not spare journalists from different media houses who were covering the event by engaging them in running battles.


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