Police officers to cater for their own uniforms.


Police officers in Nairobi have protested the new move that requires them to cater for their own uniforms with some being turned away from their work stations after donning the old regalia.

The government has failed to supply uniforms to the officers with the responsibility now being passed on to the officers.

Officers in most stations around Nairobi were sent home after reporting to duty dressed in the old police uniform.

“Last week, those still in the old uniform were given a warning. On Monday, we still wore them to work, but we were turned away at the gate.

“The regional commander has now given a directive that we stay at home,” stated one of the officers in an interview with 254BreakingNews.

On Friday, September 11, Nairobi Regional Commander Rashid Yakub fired a warning to those who will disregard the new uniform order.

“All officers must be in the new medium blue uniforms, except for the formed-up units who have their own order of dressing.

“In addition, all officers are cautioned against mixing uniforms or wearing non-uniform items alongside the uniform. Failure to comply with these instructions will attract serious disciplinary action,” read a statement on the directive.

Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai on Monday, September 7, called for patience in the phased procurement of new uniform for police officers.

“The previous uniform is still functional and can be used by the officers who are yet to receive the new regalia. The C.O.A will be issued to the officers in question in due time too,” he noted.

Back in February, Interior PS Karanja Kibicho said it will take the government at least three years to have all police officers in the new regalia.

Police officers also lamented about the cost approved tailors are charging as they are yet to receive allowances to acquire the new uniforms.

“We have been given contacts of some civilian tailors who have been approved to stitch the new uniforms at our own cost. This is unfair because we have not been given allowances to cater for them.

“It’s the government’s responsibility. The tailors do not come cheap, they are charging between Ksh. 3,000 and Ksh. 5,000,” stated another police officer.


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