Police Recover Two Boxes Used To Carry Ksh.25M Stolen From Bank In Bungoma


Police in Bungoma County have recovered two metal boxes which were used by three gangsters to ferry Ksh.25 million stolen at the Ushirika Cooperative Bank in Kimilili.

Two robbers have since been identified after they were captured on CCTV carrying AK47 guns and the two metal boxes containing the cash.

Police are yet to arrest the suspects who left three people, among them two police officers, nursing gunshot wounds.

In the CCTV footage, one robber is seen running while carrying three AK-47 rifles. He turns back after realizing that his partner is stuck with the two metal boxes containing the money.

The robber is seen handing over one of the guns to his partner and together they leave with each one of them carrying one box.

The boxes were later recovered in Bumula, 50 kilometres away from the scene of crime but without the cash.

The two robbers caught on the CCTV and their accomplice who was the driver of a getaway car are still at large.

Sources have intimated to Citizen TV that a team of detectives from the DCI headquarters have been dispatched to help their Bungoma counterparts in tracking the suspects and recovering the stolen money.

Two police officers and the bank manager who sustained gunshot wounds during the robbery incident are still admitted at the Moi Referral Hospital and St. Luke Hospital in Eldoret.


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