Police reveal why the man who was shot 6 times at Mirema Drive was ruthlessly killed – See what was recovered from his vehicle.

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Detectives from Kasarani police station have identified the man who was murdered in cold blood on Monday at Mirema Drive.

The deceased man, identified as Samuel Mugota, was killed when his assailant who was trailing him in another vehicle shot him 6 times from close range.

The father of three had just dropped his female friend and her baby when the shooting incident happened.

His attacker sped off after confirming he was dead.

Detectives are probing an alleged land deal as the possible motive for Mugota’s murder.

It is also emerging that the deceased was involved in shady dealings that might have led to his cold-blood murder.

Detectives who responded to the shooting incident said they found seven different national identity cards in his car.

Family members who were present during the autopsy at the City Mortuary got a permit to move his body to the Kenyatta University Funeral Home.

None of his family members agreed to speak to the press.


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