Police Seeking Boda Boda Gang Behind A Spate Of Robberies In Karatina


    Police are searching for two boda boda riders after they pounced on them while accosting a 62-year-old man who had withdrawn Sh0.6 million at a local bank and snatched the cash from him.

    Yesterday evening, mzee Karanja was ambushed by the two boda boda riders immediately after withdrawing Sh600,000 from Equity Bank, Karatina.

    According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) report posted on social media, Karanja, was hit by the thugs, and fell to the ground. The thugs snatched the briefcase from him and jumped on their motorbike, which immediately sped off towards Sagana.

    Luckily, two detectives based at DCI Karatina, had just stepped out of a restaurant, on time to catch witness the ongoing robbery and the thugs making their daring escape.

    Determined to stop them, the officers gave chase on the highway that forced the motorbike to fall off the tarmac.

    The thugs hurriedly left the bike on the road and escaped on foot limping, as they hurled the briefcase at the officers.

    The briefcase was thereafter handed over to the old man who had been helped on his feet by well-wishers.

    Meanwhile, the owner of the motorbike later presented himself at the Karatina police station and alleged that he had hired the bike out to a rider. He is currently assisting the police with investigations.


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