Policeman charged with wife’s murder used 11 bullets


A police constable charged with the murder of his wife used 11 bullets to kill her, the High Court in Eldoret heard.

The court was on Wednesday told that only 19 bullets out of 30 — that had been loaded in the AK47 riffle in custody of Constable Bernard Ndege, 46 — were recovered after the night shooting in his house at Soy Police Station.

While testifying in the case, police officer Cosmas Ingosi told Justice Stephen Githinji that he was on night duty at the report office when the incident occurred.

Mr Ndege had been assigned the gun as s station duty officer, but he instead went back to his house and shot his wife Fenny Bosibori, 42, in head killing her on the spot.

Mr Ingosi recalled that there was a blackout when his former colleague committed the crime after picking a quarrel with his wife.

He told the court that after the accused fatally shoot his wife, he walked to the report desk and demanded to meet only with any senior police officer at the station with the rank of an inspector and above.

Mr Ingosi recounted that his former colleague, who was still armed, told him that he had killed his wife and that he had come to surrender with weapon he had used to terminate the life of his estranged wife.

Following absence of other witnesses, the hearing was adjourned to April 28.

“I was at the report desk when I heard several sounds of gunshot next to the police line. I waited until the noise subsided for fear of being got up in the shooting is when I ventured out only to learn that my colleague had used his gun to kill his wife following a domestic row,” said Ingosi.


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