Pope Francis Asks Public To Value Little Things In Life, Embrace Vulnerabilities

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Pope Francis officially ushered in Christmas by highlighting the importance of “littleness” — reminding the public to value the little things in life and to embrace our own vulnerabilities.

“Jesus asks us to rediscover and value the little things in life. If he is present there, what else do we need?” the Pope said in his Christmas Eve homily at the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

“Let us stop pining for a grandeur that is not ours to have,” he said. “The littleness, the wonder at that small child – this is the message.”

The Pope continued: “Jesus is born in order to serve, and we spend a lifetime pursuing success. God does not seek power and might; he asks for tender love and interior littleness.”

Another point the Holy Father stressed was for people to accept their own vulnerabilities as God embraces them all.

“In our experience of feeling weak, frail, inadequate, perhaps even ‘messed up,” he said. “If the darkness of night overwhelms you, if you feel surrounded by cold indifference, if the hurt you carry inside cries out, you are of little account; you are worthless; you will never be loved the way you want.”

“Tonight, if you hear this, God answers back. Tonight he tells you: ‘I love you just as you are. Your littleness does not frighten me, your failings do not trouble me. I became little for your sake,’” he said.

The Pope also said that welcoming the littleness means embracing Jesus “in the little ones of today” — including those in need.

“Serving him in the poor, those most like Jesus who was born in poverty,” he noted. “It is in them that he wants to be honored.”


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