Pregnant girls killed by perpetrators.


The number of killings of pregnant girls in Trans Nzoia has become a major concern for the locals. It is said that the perpetrators do so to cover up the cases.

According to Bishop Edward Khaoya of Kitale Family House of Hope and the actors who run Teen Mums Rescue centre, most of those killed are the female teenagers who have active cases in court regarding their pregnancies.

It is said that the perpetrators fear stiffer penalties and thus resolve to do away with the main evidence which is the girl to weaken the cases.

“When someone hears that he will be jailed for more than 40 years and he is out on bond he resolves to end the life of the prime evidence thus leading to the rampant cases of the deaths,” Bishop Khaoya said.

Khaoya has further castigated the move by courts to award bonds to suspects saying that it has led to an increase of kangaroo courts in the area.

Investigations are underway to find the connections between the suspects and the deaths of these girls.


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