President Cyril Ramaphosa tried to wear his face mask on live TV and it did not go well

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa

In Africa, unless you previously worked at a hospital or a construction site, the concept of wearing a facemask is totally foreign.  Quite literally.

However, with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, people have had to adjust. A survival for the fittest.

Masks are now the new normal with governments across the continent issuing directives that require citizens to cover up at all times while in public.

And to lead by example, South African president Cyril Ramaphosa went on live TV to show the country how to wear a face mask.

Only that it did not go too well.

In a now viral video posted on Twitter, President Ramaphosa struggled for a full minute to hook the tribal motif mask to his face.

In one attempt, the mask was covering his eyes and nose while in another attempt, it almost ended up on his throat.

As the president attempted to hook the mask to his ears and pull it to cover his nose and mouth as required, a sign-language interpreter looked on, confused by the seemingly complicated but otherwise mundane task.

To make it worse, his unbridled wrestling match with the mask was televised to millions of South Africans, known especially for their sharp tongues on social media.

One Hloni wrote on Twitter: “That mask was refusing to comply with Lockdown regulations”

“The person who did this mask didn’t measure our President’s nose,” a user by the name Shamani said.

Several South Africans argued that the mask was probably a little too small for the president’s face as it kept sliding off his ears.

“Wearing a Face with medical mask is socially awkward , as demonstrated by President Ramaphosa but practice makes a perfect mask ,”

Others took the instant the mask got stuck on his eyes to compare him to Birdbox Sandra Bullok’s blindfold.

“Did President #Ramaphosa just cover his eyes with the face mask?” a user by the name Tia asked.


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