President UHURU KENYATTA’s niece, NANA GECAGA, celebrates 22 years of being sober – She used to take 24 beers a day.


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece, Nana Gecaga, is a proud woman after recovering from being an alcoholic.

Taking to her Instagram page, Nana revealed that she has never drunk alcohol for 22 years now and thanked all those who played a role in supporting her when she was recovering from alcoholism.

She further stated that she is committed to remaining sober for the rest of her life and added that her journey to sobriety has not been easy.

“22 YEARS TODAY OF BEING SOBER…. I just want to thank everyone who has played a role in SUPPORTING me to get this far… lastly I want to thank ME, MYSELF, AND I… 

I have to give credit where it is due… I’ve remained COMMITTED TO MY SOBRIETY, I’ve put it FIRST ALWAYS and been very PROUD of where I have come and where I’m going. 

It takes COURAGE to go against the grain and it takes HUMILITY to not only realise YOU have a PROBLEM BUT THEN COMMIT THE ENTIRE REST OF YOUR LIFE TO CHANGE IT FOR THE BETTER.,” she wrote on Instagram.

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Nana revealed in a past interview that she would down an entire crate of beer and a bottle of hard liquor a day.

“I would drink 24 beers ( that’s a crate a day) and a half bottle or full bottle of liquor,” she said.

Nana started taking alcohol at a very young age when she was living in the UK.


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