Private detective JANE MUGO goes after SONKO after he leaked a video call of Governor ANNE KANANU’s close confidant showing him ‘goodies’.


Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, is the talk of the town after he embarrassed Governor Anne Kananu’s close confidant, Mary Nkatha, after leaking a video of her displaying her goodies to him.

Commenting on the viral video, private detective Jane Mugo called out Sonko for recording Nkatha without her consent and said it was wrong for him to release the indecent video online to the public.

She further urged Sonko to always think before pressing the record button.

Jane also advised women to respect themselves and said that before the public ‘crucifies’ Nkatha, Sonko should also be condemned for recording the private video call without her consent and leaking it to the public.

 “Men respect women. Expose cartels, evil in our society and criminals. 

“Women, respect yourself so men can respect you. 

“Sonko is also a husband, father, grandfather. I want to advise him as a leader and public figure, and most of all a family man, to think before pressing the record button. 

“Before we judge Nkatha, let us also judge the person who recorded that trashy clip, ” she wrote on social media.


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