Prof MANYORA sends a stern warning to RAILA and his allies for undermining RUTO’s mammoth rallies


University of Nairobi don, Prof Herman Manyora, has warned Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, and his allies against underestimating Deputy President William Ruto‘s gesture of pulling huge crowds during his rallies.

Raila and his close ally, Junet Mohamed, have been saying Ruto’s huge crowds don’t translate into votes.

But Manyora, who was appearing for an interview on Citizen TV on Monday morning, said huge rallies are a good indicator of political support.

Manyora said by human nature, people want to be associated with successful leaders and the big crowds might just be a perfect indication of great support for Ruto who is also the United Democratic Movement party leader.

“If a political camp is associated with money, that camp must be very careful…Do not rule out crowds, they are an indicator of political support.”

“By nature, human beings want to associate with those who are successful and big crowds could be a way to show that,” Manyora said.


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