Reactions from Netizens as Proffesor Hamo Continues To Pamper Jemutai With Love


Kenyans are now concerned about Professor Hamo’s first and legal wife as things between him and Jemutai seem to be flying above the space.

After agreeing to take care of their children, starting a show together and attending entertainment joints as a couple, Hamo has pulled another surprise move.Hamo has bought a piece of land for Jemutai and he is planning on building a house which will be there home.

Hamo and Jemutai revealed this on Tuesday evening as they shared their photo holding a land title deed.

Jemutai appears to be the happiest second wife on earth as things are totally different from what was a in the month of April.

Jemutai and Hamo comments on social media after they got a land which they would build their home.

While most of their fans are happy that they sorted out their differences, they are fearing that Hamo’s other wife might be suffering.

Hamo had stated that as a man he was going to take care of both wives.

Below are some of the reactions after Hamo shared photo of the land title deed.

Bonface Mwangi: I hope the other woman is not being played under the table. Balance them both, they are your equal responsibility. None should feel more entitled than the other. Don’t lose the other as you work out this one to please the public.


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