Rejection is inevitable but is manageable


    Rejection is a part of life because opportunities and resources are always limited. No single event, person, group, or company can say yes to everyone, and no one gets accepted in everything they attempt.

    The fear of rejection is the irrational fear that others will not accept you because of your looks, personality, ideas, qualifications, or other personal attributes. Men and women experience the fear almost equally. In the dating scene, however, the fear of rejection is most consequential for men despite the phobia being more common in women.

    The main reason you fear rejection is because you feel unworthy of the opportunity. In doing so, you are being unfair to yourself. Reflect on your capability, your strengths, and the work you have done to be the person you are today. Acknowledge that you are a work in progress but also recognise that you are not worthless. If you always keep this in mind, you can prepare your mind to embrace the acceptance or rejection healthily.


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