RINGTONE exposes comedian MULAMWAH and shares a photo of the old wrinkled mzungu Lady he is dating and squandering her pension.


Controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, has sensationally claimed that comedian Mulamwah is having a secret affair with an old mzungu woman.

According to Ringtone, the old woman sponsors Mulamwah.

The singer went on to allege that Mulamwah was given the wads of cash that he recently flaunted online by the white woman, who is old enough to be his grandmother.

Mulamwah had alleged that he got the money through comedy and advised his fellow comedians to invest wisely but according to Ringtone, the old woman squanders her pension with the comedian.

He advised Mulamwah to spend the money he gets from his alleged aging white lover wisely and urged him not to hurt her.

“Please note her money is pension that she is spending before she dies. Please don’t hurt her, ” Ringtone posted.

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The clout chasing gospel singer has been throwing shade at Mulamwah after he recently flaunted Sh 700,000 in cash when he was going to buy a piece of land in Kitale.

Ringtone bragged that he uses the money that Mulamwah was flaunting in a week.


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