Robber injured after victim grabs gun, shoots him


Police are on the hunt for three suspected gangsters who attempted to rob a man at gunpoint in the wee hours of Wednesday morning in Nairobi County’s Njiru area, before the victim turned the tables on them.

The thugs are said to have accosted Simon Sanga, a Tanzanian national, at around 2am outside the Top Five Pub in Njiru, where he and his fiancée had gone to enjoy the night life.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Sanga and his fiancée found the entrance to the entertainment joint locked before he alighted from his vehicle and went to the gate in a bid to determine if the party was going on behind closed doors.

He left his fiancée in his car at the time. He would, a few moments later, be waylaid by the goons who were on a motorcycle.

“As he was knocking, a motorbike carrying two pillion passengers suddenly screeched to a halt and one gun toting young man leapt from the bike training the firearm’s muzzle at Sanga, ready to pull the trigger at the slightest provocation,” said the DCI.

“Sanga, hurriedly emptied his pockets and gave the thug his four mobile phones, ATM cards, car keys and Sh27,000 in cash,” said the DCI in a statement.

“The other two thugs waited animatedly on the bike as the rider revved its engine impatiently, ready to speed off immediately their accomplice brought back the loot.”

As he was handing over his possessions, Sanga noticed that the gunman was having difficulties holding the loot and the firearm at the same time and he decided to act, disarming the thug before aiming the gun towards him.

Sanga allegedly fired the weapon as the suspect fled to his accomplices who had moved their motorcycle closer in a bid to save their comrade.

“Detectives and police officers based at DCI Kayole, visited the scene and recovered one spent cartridge of 9mm caliber and a jersey that Sanga had undressed the suspect as he took flight,” added the statement.

“They also recovered the firearm from the victim and discovered that it was a homemade firearm capable of firing.”

Detectives likewise discovered blood droplets at the scene which insinuated that one of the crooks likely took a bullet as they escaped.

Despite commending Sanga for his heroism, the DCI advised Kenyans who find themselves in such a situation to refrain from physically confronting weapon-wielding crooks, noting that it could endanger their lives if it doesn’t work out like in the victim’s case.


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