Ruai Quickmart Supermarket Manager Arrested For Illegal Waste Dumping

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Nairobi City County Environmental Compliance and Monitoring Unit on Saturday arrested Ruai’s Quickmart Supermarket manager Nicholas Kinyua Kariuki for illegal waste dumping.

The manager is presently being held awaiting to be charged in contravention with provisions of EMCA and the Public Health Act.

Speaking during the operation, County Director for Environment and Natural Resources Paul Malawi warned against illegal dumping adding that the fines are very punitive.

He urged Nairobians to be responsible with their waste right from how it is generated, transported and disposed of. According to the law, a business establishment must show proof of a contract with a garbage collector.

“We mounted an operation through a tip-off from members of the public and confirmed that Ruai Quickmart Supermarket does not have a waste management plan on their premises. They are giving their waste to the street urchins who dump it on the roadsides and market areas,” Mr. Malawi said.

Mr. Malawi noted that the county has embarked on a citywide operation to clear Nairobi of waste in line with Governor Johnson Sakaja’s vision of a city of order, dignity, hope and opportunity for all.

He also reminded Nairobians that pursuant to the County Waste Management Act 2015, dumping waste comes with punitive charges of Ksh.300, 000 for the first offenders and Ksh.500,000 to 1,000,000 for repeat offenders.

He mentioned that the County Anti-dumping Unit which has been operational for the last two months has up scaled its operations across the city to ensure a clean and safe city.

“In line with Governor Sakaja’s vision, we want to make Nairobi a green city, devoid of waste. The Governor has committed funds to ensure that we have a waste-free city,” stated Mr. Malawi.

County Officer in Charge of Environmental Monitoring, Compliance and Enforcement Christine Kivuva said that the county is committed to promoting the right to a clean and healthy environment for the residents of the city.

“The businesses should be mindful of the environment and ensure the waste is disposed of in the proper manner,” she urged.

Ms Kivuva also said that the enforcement team is also keen to control noise pollution in the city and arrests are going to be noticed soon.


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