Ruiru Woman Whose Body Was Dumped Outside GSU Gate Hadn’t Gone Home in 2 Years


The family of a woman whose body was found dumped outside the Ruiru GSU gate in the Kimbo area has disclosed they had not seen her in two years.

Esther Wambui was found dead on Monday, January 17, in what police believe could be a crime of passion, given the ink markings written on her body that provided clues on what could have led to her murder.

Her father disclosed she was a stubborn girl who dropped out of school in Form Two.

“She (Wambui) dropped out of school in Form Two. I asked her to reconsider her decision but she ignored my advice. Even though I am a peasant farmer I could manage to educate her since I also paid fees for her brother.”

“I just learnt that she had married since we have never seen her in two years. I have come to terms that she is dead. I have accepted her demise and left it to God,” he said.

Wambui’s workmates at a hotel in Ruiru revealed that her husband, Joseph Ngige, was jealous but did not divulge more details. “Let’s just say Bobo (Wambui) had her own problems on love issues, and the husband was not comfortable,” one of her co-workers who sought anonymity said.

However, Ngige denied the claims and insisted he loved his wife. The man in tears said he was yet to gather the courage to view her body taken to City Mortuary.

“We have never quarreled and I have never suspected her of anything,” he said.

Police arrested Ngige as the main suspect in his wife’s murder. Ruiru, Director of Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO) Justus Ombati, said his officers obtained mobile phone conversations between Ngige and Wambui. Ngige escorted Wambui to her place of work a few hours before 6am last Monday, the day that she went missing.

“Shockingly, Ngige never reported Wambui’s disappearance to the police or informed her colleagues at work despite his wife failing to return home in the evening,” Ombati said.

An autopsy conducted on the body of the 18-year old Wambui revealed she was asphyxiated, the process of being deprived of oxygen resulting in death. The autopsy also showed she suffered head injuries that came with being hit with a blunt object. Pathologists took more samples from her body for more analysis.


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