Ruto Ally Causes Drama Outside Police Station, Demands to be Arrested To Join Harun in The Cells


Kapseret member of parliament Hon Oscar Sudi has declared that He wants to be arrested too spend time in the Police Cells with the Turkish Businessman Harun Aydin, who was apprehended today after He came back to Kenya from Uganda where He was supposed to accompany Deputy president William Ruto.

In a post through Facebook, Sudi who has always been an active member in the games that has been revolving around Ruto’s Uganda drama voiced out His displasure on the way Harun was treated, especially with the fact that He is just an Investor and not a Criminal.

The Mp says that they were carried in the same Police Vehicle with Harun who had just landed from Uganda, all the way to Kilimani Police Station but He was left out as Harun was being taken into the Cells.

While stressing to His earlier sentiments two days ago while giving a press conference, Sudi said that He should be the first leader to be arrested in Kenya and put behind Bars if Harun is truly a terrorist as the Kenyan government is branding Him.

The Kapseret Mp linked Harun’s arrest to the plans of the State to instill more anger to William Ruto so that He can act rogue and attack them, since He kept silent when they denied Him His freedom of Movement a while ago when He wanted to jet to the neighboring State of Uganda.

Making matters worse, Hon. Sudi dared the Police saying that He will stay outside the Kilimani Police Station so that He may be apprehended too and locked up like their friend Harun

Harun was arrested today Morning at Wilson Airport, immediately He landed and taken to the police for more interrogation on His mission in Kenya.

This statement from the Legislator comes at this time when Kenyans from all Political sides and affiliations have come in to weigh on the same, some praising the Kenyan government for the good Job of detaining the foreigner whose main interest in Kenya has not been established upto now.

Harun who was issued with a work Permit in May this year to work in Kenya as an Investor in Agriculture was however suspected to have other ill motives. His regular trips to Uganda with Ruto who has fallen out politically with His Boss Uhuru Kenyatta has made the Kenyan government to reconsider their earlier decisions of welcoming the Investor.


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