RUTO blushes as Azimio MCA confesses her love for him – You won’t believe what ANNE WANJIRU told the president that may unsettle RACHEL


A nominated Woman MCA in Nairobi County yesterday made First Lady Rachel Ruto very jealous.

This is after she confessed her love for President William Ruto in front of cameras; something that made the president very uncomfortable.

Speaking during the launch of a housing programme in Kibra, Nairobi presided over by the Head of State, Anne Wanjiru said that even though she did not love him before, she now did, to the utter shock of many, especially Ruto’s wife, Rachel.

Wanjiru, who was nominated into the Assembly by Azimio, was one of the beneficiaries of an earlier affordable housing project by the government in the Kibra constituency.

The nominated MCA was delighted by the president’s move to launch the project in the constituency, adding that it was the best thing ever done by him.

“Rais nataka nikuambie ya kwamba hakuna kitu umefanya mzuri katika mambo yote uko nayo kama kuja kuzindua hii project siku ya leo. Kama kun kitu mzuri na kitu ambacho umesaidia ni kutia mtu katika slums na kupewa nyumba nzuri.”

“Mimi nimeshukuru sana. Na wacha niseme na roho yangu ndo pia wewe ujue. Ata kama sikuwa nimekupenda, leo nimekupenda,” Wanjiru said.

The Head of State launched the construction of 4,054 units in the area. The project will offer residents the opportunity to become homeowners through an affordable ‘rent-to-own’ program starting at as low as Sh2400 per month.


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