RUTO is now more terrified of GEORGE WAJACKOYAH than even RAILA as he fears the ‘Ganja man’ may send him to the Opposition gallows – Look!


Roots Party Leader and 2022 presidential candidate, George Wajackoyah, is increasingly becoming popular among Kenyan youths.

This is attributed to his strange manifesto to the youths which includes among others extended weekends as well as the introduction of snake farming.

Wajackoyah has also promised youths that he will legalize the smoking of bhang as well as legalize prostitution, the promises that appear to be working in his favour.

Wajackoyah’s growing popularity has jostled Deputy President William Ruto’s camp to the point that the Kenya Kwanza has raised concerns that Wajackoyah’s growing popularity is likely to deny their candidate a chance to win the presidency.

Speaking during an interview, Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, a close ally of William Ruto, warned the Kenya Kwanza bandwagon against underestimating presidential candidate George Wajackoyah.

He argued that Wajackoyah’s funny promises are increasingly earning him support across the nation.

He said this would likely earn him more than half a million votes, the number of votes that could have been essential in helping the UDA presidential candidate beat his bitter rival Raila Odinga in round one.

“I have told you this Wajackoyah pushes hard enough and scores upwards of five hundred thousand votes; he can easily force a run-off.”

“The way we are dismissing him, he is making funny promises to the youths. He is not only appealing to the youth but also to the middle days and wages after every two weeks,” Cheruiyot said.

Cheruiyot further stated that Wajackoyah’s banners and posters were displayed everywhere without fear of vandalism, something he says has helped him gain prominence in the traditional strongholds of the 2022 presidential front runners – Ruto and Raila.


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