RUTO’s son, NICK, does the unthinkable as he ‘seduces’ UHURU’s daughter, NGINA, on behalf of his father – See what he told her!


Deputy President William Ruto’s son, Nick Ruto, has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter, Ngina Kenyatta, to join the Hustler Nation.

In a message on Facebook, Nick, while reacting to a post by Ngina, appealed to the first daughter to join their camp and preach their message that is about uplifting the lives of ordinary citizens.

“Ngina, please join Hustler Nation. This is the gospel we are preaching. We believe we (hustlers) can make Kenya a better place for all Kenyans,” Nick said.

Ngina’s message that Ruto’s son reacted to was on a different matter away from politics.

She had penned a message of encouragement to her followers on social media.

“There is a higher calling, trust me, a higher place than your current, a refined place, better, freer, more mature and more stable,” Ngina wrote.

Nick and Ngina seemingly enjoy a close relationship despite their fathers appearing to be reading from different pages politically.

When Nick married a fortnight ago, Ngina penned a message of goodwill even as she wished him well in her journey.

“To my friend and brother Nick Ruto, congratulations,” she wrote.


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