SAKAJA abandons RUTO’s ‘deceptive’ huge rallies as he copies Azimio’s POLYCARP IGATHE’s effective campaign strategy after realizing he is losing 


UDA gubernatorial candidate for Nairobi, Johnson Sakaja, has changed his campaign strategy after realizing that he is losing by the day to his Azimio competitor, Polycarp Igathe.

Sakaja has now abandoned Deputy President William Ruto’s deceptive huge rallies and adopted Igathe’s style of campaigning.

Igathe has focused on meeting ordinary Nairobians to establish a personal touch as opposed to campaigning on top of big vehicles and in rallies.

Since the former Nairobi deputy governor was unveiled as the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya candidate for the city’s top seat, Igathe has been virtually everywhere in this city, explaining his agenda directly to the people; something that is proving very effective and giving Sakaja sleepless nights.

Sakaja has embraced the tactic and is also now on the ground meeting the people and explaining his agenda directly to them.

He opted to move around the city, meeting the Nairobi street food vendors and those in informal employment.

Through his social media pages, Sakaja has been sharing photos of him having lively discussions with ‘Mama mbogas’ a style that has been perfected by Igathe.

Yesterday, Sakaja toured the Ngara market, where he had one-on-one interactions with traders.


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Photos of Igathe;-

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However, Sakaja’s change of tact has been noticed by Kenyans, as some took to social media to point out that he was just copying Igathe’s style.

“All these UDA groups have no strategies copying on what our able governor Igathe is doing,” Akengo Omwangu commented.

Another Twitter user Thomas Orangi said, “This guy is coping Igathe…all Nairobians will vote for Igathe…Nairobi is not for politicians but leaders.”


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