SANAIPEI TANDE claims a man offered her 100K just to have lunch with her while another one promised her a Porsche but she declined.


Renowned singer, actress, and media personality, Sanaipei Tande, has revealed that she gets numerous offers from men.

Speaking in an interview, the mellow-voiced songstress said that some men go to the extent of offering cash just to meet or have lunch with her.

However, she politely declines the offers because she believes in hard work and making her own money.

“There are people who will tell you they will even pay you an appearance fee, I’m like appearance fee for where, for lunch? 

“They are like ‘please have lunch with me and I’ll give you 1000 dollars,” she said.

Sana revealed that she has even been offered a Porsche.

“I have been offered a Porsche on social media, and you just decline respectfully and just say thank you but no thanks,” she added.

She further revealed that some thirsty women also hit on her.

“Yes, it is normal for anyone to be hit on. I have been approached by women for relationships but I politely decline,” she said.


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