SAUMU MBUVI blasts her ex-lover’s wife, AEEDAH BAMBI, for trolling her with a Pseudo Account – Women are their own worst enemies (SCREENSHOTS).


Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, claims that her ex-lover’s wife, Aeedah Bambi, is stalking her with a pseudo account.

She shared a screenshot of Aeedah Bambi trashing her new relationship and hurling all manner of insults towards her using a pseudo account.

Saumu recently revealed that she has found a new man to warm her heart during a question-and-answer session with her fans, but it seems Aeedah Bambi is jealous of her new relationship.

However, Saumu has stated that she has no time for negative energy.

Saumu and Aeedah were once close friends before discovering that she (Aeedah) was having a secret affair with her baby daddy Senator Anwar Loitiptip. 

They no longer see each other eye to eye after Senator Anwar married Aeedah, shortly after breaking up with Saumu.

Here’s what Saumu posted after Aeedah opened a pseudo account to troll her.

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