School Boys Go Rogue


Ten KCSE students from Anestar Bahati Boys in Nakuru have been arrested after they broke into a girl’s dormitory in the nearby Anestar Precious Girls secondary school.

DCI through their official twitter handle confirmed the arrest, adding that the boys had sneaked out of their school in their numbers and gained access to the girls’ dormitory under the cover of darkness.
The boys’ mission in the girls’ school is still unclear according to DCI.

Officers from Githioro Police Station responded swiftly & rushed to the school after the girls raised alarm.

The defiant boys kept hovering around the dormitory despite the arrival of the policemen, forcing one of the officers to fire a round in the air to scare them away.

Officers managed to arrest 10 of them, as others escaped in the dead of the night. The arrested were placed in custody at Dundori Patrol Base, pending further action.

Parents also have a role to play on their children’s behavior in order to mitigate Gender-Based Violence that has been on the rise in the recent past.


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