School principal castigated for refusing to bend the rules


    County high school students in Garissa took to the streets to demonstrate against what they termed as poor results orchestrated by the school principal Abdi Shakur. Carrying placards and twigs, the hundreds of students marched through the streets of Garissa town as they called for the immediate transfer of the school principal.

    Students said that since the principal was transferred to the school three years ago, the results have nosedived. “It is said that for a school to post good results then it must have a good leader or principal who has good management skills. Unfortunately in our school, our principal has done little to either maintain or even improve our results,” said one of the students.

    It was later learned that the real reason the students were protesting against the teacher was because he refused to allow them to cheat in exams. Some of them wanted to be allowed to copy the exams and that is what the principal did not agree to, hence the protests.


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