See how notorious serial killer, MASTEN WANJALA, escaped from a police station which is under tight security – It was like a scene from Prison Break series.


Details have emerged on how the confessed serial killer, Masten Wanjala, escaped from Jogoo Road Police Station under unclear circumstances on Tuesday.

According to preliminary investigations, Wanjala could have escaped during dinner time at around 6 pm to 7 pm or moments after.

Investigations revealed that the suspect was last seen sharing a meal with seven other inmates. At the time, there was a power outage at the station.

At 8 pm, the eight inmates were joined by 10 others who had just been arrested.

Shortly after, two other inmates were brought into the cell bringing the total number of inmates to 20.

In the morning, an officer who conducted roll call noted that Wanjala was missing and informed two of his colleagues who were on duty.

The officers stated that they did not know how the two escaped as there were no signs of breakage in the cells.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and their counterparts from the Nairobi region have since questioned the officers on duty and inmates in the cell to unravel what could have happened.

Police have also launched a manhunt for Wanjala, who is still at large. 

They have also appealed to members of the public to help them trace the whereabouts of the serial killer who has been preying on children.


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