See What Happened in Ndau Island Before Lapsset Was Launched


Ndau Island which is in Lamu East Sub-County is termed as one of the oldest villages in Lamu County which was ruled by Arabs in 17th Century.

According to Ndau Chief Mr. Ali Mohamed Fumo, Lamu East was sidelined in terms of development and they only depended on their own initiative for survival.

“We lived always pleading for assistance,” said Mr. Fumo.

One of the biggest challenges Ndau residents faced was access to clean water.

Previously, Ndau residents depended on rain water which could not sustain them for long.

Earlier this year, a water desalination plant which is expected to pump around 4,000 litres of clean water per hour was set up.

“We will now have plenty of clean water. Women here used to walk long distances in search of clean water,” said Fakupa Mzee during the launch of LAPSSET.

Furthermore, the project has been a source of employment to local youths from the village, he added.

The government has taken key interest in developing Lamu Islands and opening up new job opportunities for youths who are susceptible to radicalization from neighbouring Somalia terror outfit, the Al Shabaab.

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