See what MATIANG’I’s goons did to a police station that was recently launched by DP RUTO in Nakuru? Never joke with this man (PHOTOs)


A police station that was recently launched by Deputy President William Ruto in Nakuru has been vandalized allegedly on CS Fred Matiang’i’s orders.

This was revealed by the Hustler Nation Spokesperson Dennis Itumbi, who said the goons removed the commissioning plaque bearing Ruto’s name from the Lanet Police station.

Ruto had unveiled a modern police station funded through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) under the patronage of Bahati lawmaker Kimani Ngunjiri.

Following the launch, reports alleged that National Government Administration Officers (NGAO) brought down the plaque on orders by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i.

In addition, the officers also reportedly erased CDF branding painting the wall black.

“For the police to be manipulated to vandalize Lanet Police Station after launching it with DP William Ruto truly shows how immature some of us are. 

“According to the CDF Act, all laws were followed and even the branding done as per the Act,” Ngunjiri stated.

But speaking on the issue, Police Spokesman Bruno Shioso distanced the police from the act but explained that the establishment and gazettement of a police station or post, including equipping and staffing, was a preserve of the Inspector General of Police.

“Decisions of whichever nature must originate from him and not otherwise. 

“That’s the law, and that’s the Service Standing Orders. 

“Was the alleged opening sanctioned and/or coordinated with the IG or his Office?” 

“Was due internal process followed? I’d be glad to know that before further comment,” he said. 

The newly opened police station is one of five that the Bahati Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is constructing to ensure police officers have a good working environment.

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